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35+ Forex & Crypto Tools – Tracker, Screener, Technical Analysis, Calculators, News and Now AI STRATEGY BUILDER| Premium Design, Cross Platform | Real Time Data

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A killer Forex Watchdog web app offering the most essential Forex Tools in one place.

100% Automated Site, 100% Ownership with no monthly API cost – only $10 hosting cost.

Perfect site to build an Adsense, Affiliate or Sponsorship ad business in the Forex/Crypto Niche.

The site is meant to become a go to site for Currency Traders all around the world to find Real Time Actionable data for Forex & Crypto.

Key highlights:

  • 100% Automated Site, 100% Ownership with no monthly API cost – only hosting cost.(Except Ai Strategy Builder)
  • No day to day work is required to run the site – it runs 100% of autopilot
  • It is ready to be marketed right away – completely launch ready
  • Premium design, dynamic widgets, real time accurate data.
  • Built on WordPress using 3rd party Trading Widgets.

If you have been looking for a site to make Adsense, Affiliate or Sponsored income in the Forex space – this is it.

It is jam packed with features, runs on all devices perfectly and thoughtfully designed for best performance.



AI STRATEGY BUILDER !!!! Just Added ( $150 Value )

This is a game changer!


The ChatGPT Powered Strategy Builder is an amazing tool that can help any trader improve their skills and refine their trading strategies.

Checkout Ai Strategy Builder

Please note, this costs $30/mo for the first 80-100 generations (depending on length of the response), beyond which you would need to use your own OpenAI APi Key and bare the costs of high volume response generation.

Rest of the tools of the site incur no API costs, they are built in a way – that they are all free!

Key sections of the web app:

Home (All-in-one Market overview)

Forex – Tracker

Forex – Screener

Forex – Technical Analysis

Crypto – Tracker

Crypto – Screener

Crypto – Technical Analysis

Ai Strategy Builder   (NEW!!)

Checkout the website for 30+ more tools


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