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FinanceFilms is a growing Video library with over 2000+ Business Documentaries, Movies & Biographies with the ability to add 1000s more.

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An unique video library website created using Wordpress & Official YouTube Data Api..  a handpicked collection of business biographies, mini documentaries, case studies, brand stories and more.

I use this site often Top Documentary Films, I wanted to find something similar for the business category as it is not well covered by sites like these. I couldn’t find any site doing this, so I created my own.

With the sky rocketing demand for entrepreneurial and financial knowledge, this site is designed to be able to tap into this niche in an entertaining way.

It’s a great site to randomly play any videos while working and videos are entertaining, informative and quite useful for entrepreneurs, founders and online business owners of all levels.

It is a collection of 2000+ such videos pages. With the existing setup you can import unlimited videos using YouTube Data API and without infringing any copyright (Read FAQs below).


Build the brand of your dreams..

You can further build an unique brand that suits you audience by importing and showcasing videos that are close to your interest like more videos on Finance & Investing videos, Trading, Crypto or Podcasts, Startup Talks, even university lectures.

The site currently appeals to entrepreneurs of all background, but you can further refine the brand by adding videos from certain categories




Checkout the FinanceFilms Affiliate Store – a Collection of 20 hand picked Affiliate products from Gumroad. You can add more products from ClickBan, JVZoo and other networks. Now make 10% of all sales made from the shop.


NEWLY ADDED  Auto Poster

Now the site automatically updates itself with latest videos from the top Business documentary channels.

Chk out > Latest Videos


Explore the collection:


Some of our favorite channels:


Key Highlights : 

  • Habit forming audience base – Best possible ROI. People who would like the site will use it almost daily, building a steady base of daily use
  • Wide device reach – Works on Mobile, Web & TV
  • Highly Brandable domain name – (
  • Fully Passive –  Zero maintenance website
  • High paying affiliate programs


Assets : 

  • Domain
  • WordPress website
  • 2000+ Video Pages
  • Multiple YouTube Plugin Setup
  • YouTube Data API setup
  • Ability to import 1000s of more videos

You can expand the collection by adding more content easily.



1. Does this infringe YouTube copyright?

Ans: No, the videos are imported using YouTube’s official Data API, which allows you to build apps using their content. Currently it is free under YouTube Free Data credits, however when you have large volume of visitors it will cost you. You can learn more from the following links:

YouTube Data API :

YouTube Data API Quota :

2. Can I add videos from other YouTube channels?

And: Of course, the setup is already there for you to be able to import 1000s of videos from YouTube based on channels, playlists or keywords.

3. Can I run Adsense Ads?

Yes and No. If you submit the site as it is, Adsense won’t approve it – but if you write 15-20 original content blog posts and submit to Adsense and then later re-publish the video content Adsense will approve it. I have sites with YouTube content successfully running Adsense. Example :

4. Can I add videos from other YouTube channels?

Of course, the setup is already there for you to be able to import 1000s of videos from YouTube based on channels, playlists or keywords.


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