AiArchitecture – Free Ai Home Design Generator (No API Cost)

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A 100% Free Ai Architecture Design Generator SAAS with no API Costs. $1000-2000/month Adsense revenue potential. Keep all the profits.

This is an unique opportunity for someone who understands what is up for sale.

There are dozens of Art Generators for sale and dozens of scripts available in the market – this doesn’t compare to any of those.

Most Ai Art Generators will cost you hundreds to even thousands of dollars in API costs and thousands of people are using the same scripts – while this is rare and barely anyone offering it and it costs you nothing in API costs!!

Best of all,  the level of photorealistic images this generator offers – will blow your mind. 

Moreover unlike most platforms which produces 1 image Variation to upto 4 Variations, AiArchitecture produces 6 Image Variation for every run. 

That’s not all, it is ‘Advanced Prompt generator’ inbuilt within the app, which means it turns you simple few words of idea into professional prompt that produces sophisticated images It uses the best models on it’s backend, so the results are automatically error free without having to use ‘negative prompts’.

The best part? You don’t need to install any additional environment, app, or software to experience their full potential. We’ve made it incredibly easy for you to dive right into the world of AI-generated art.


Stack : 

It is built on WordPress and using 3rd party integration which is free as of now, which will continue to be free for a large volume of users. But it might get slowed down when too many people use at the same time.


Monetization : 

This can be monetized in a number of ways, I would use the sides, top and bottom of the page to make money using Adsense and Sponsored ads. Many sites are charging $500 – 1000 USD for an one time push or premium listings, once you reach a certain level you can easily charge $200-$500 for weekly Ads along with making Adsense revenue. Also there are affiliates, there many many amazing Art tools and extensions in the market that you can promote on this platform.


How to grow : 

Submit to all the Ai Tools directory, social media and push it around using a bit of influencer marketing and you should e able to get a large number of daily active users. Once you gain momentum, submit to Adsense to begin with and promote affiliate products.

If you’ve been looking to launch something really special in the AI art generator space – this startup could definitely be the one.


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