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An unique website to launch a killer Real Estate, Architecture, Interior design Brand or boost the digital footprint of an existing one.

An unique video library website created using Wordpress & Official YouTube Data Api offering a handpicked collection of serene house tours of luxurious homes around the world.

This is a great website for people who’s looking for homes, love architecture and design to spend time on – and a great asset to for a Real Estate or Architecture Brand to build stronger connection with their audience base.

The covers a wide range of videos and jam packed with features. Moreover it is built with OFFICIAL YOUTUBE DATA API so no copyright issue whatsoever.

Checkout some of the categories:




Celebrity Homes

Beach Houses

Pent Houses

Luxury Homes

Contemporary Homes

Garden Homes

Water View Homes

Coast Houses

Lakeview Homes

Mountain View Homes

Forest Houses

Ocean Front Home

Hillside Homes

Holiday Homes

Homes with Pool

Minimalist Homes

You can add 1000s of more videos using this setup, import videos from particular

Channels, Playlists and Keywords and create a brand that suits your needs.



1. Does this infringe YouTube copyright?

Ans: No, the videos are imported using YouTube’s official Data API, which allows you to build apps using their content. Currently it is free under YouTube Free Data credits, however when you have large volume of visitors it will cost you. You can learn more from the following links:

YouTube Data API :

YouTube Data API Quota :

2. Can I add videos from other YouTube channels?

And: Of course, the setup is already there for you to be able to import 1000s of videos from YouTube based on channels, playlists or keywords.

3. Can I run Adsense Ads?

Yes and No. If you submit the site as it is, Adsense won’t approve it – but if you write 15-20 original content blog posts and submit to Adsense and then later re-publish the video content Adsense will approve it. I have sites with YouTube content successfully running Adsense. Example :


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