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A ChatGPT powered Web App that allows Traders to Generate Trading Strategies, Scripts and Bots. Works for Stock, Forex, Crypto. Huge Growth Potential!

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While the market is flooded with ChatGPT powered Content generator, Ad creator and Article writing tools – there are no platform that is helping the Trading Community with ChatGPT.

Trading is one of the most vibrant, capitalized, matured niches online – it has the most successful Affiliate programs, Startups and High Ticket Courses and Softwares – with this site, you can capitalize on this market by providing a ground breaking solution that barely anyone is providing yet.

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About TradeAssistant:

With the advent of ChatGPT, it has become easy for Traders to get insights, refine their trading strategies and most importantly generate Scripts and Bots that can help them Backtest, Automate and Run scalable trading operations. However, getting accurate results out of ChatGPT when it comes to something as technical as Trading is not easy.

If you do not properly frame your prompt with the right datasets, you’ll most likely never get the results that can be implemented in the real market scenerio.

TradeAssistant solves that.

It offers 10 unique ChatGPT powered Trading Tools that allows a trader to quickly generate and refine a trading strategy, generate Pine scripts, Spreadsheets, Binance & Trading view scripts.

This helps casual traders to trade like Pros and Pro traders to further refine their game.

There are successful sites like which offers a similar solution but only for PineScript where as with TradeAssistant you’re offering a wide range of necessary Bot creation Tools with easy to implement instructions for Day Traders to take maximum advantage of such a solution.

Each app is detailed with advanced input fields to be able to create accurate, working Bots. The site could be used by Beginner and Pro level traders who’s looking for AI guidance and ability to generate scripts for their platforms without coding.

Traders are not coders and that is one of the biggest problem this platform aspires to solve.



It has the potential to be a really iconic site in it’s niche. It can be monetized with Ads, Adsense, Affiliate banners, Sponsorships, Guest posts and more.


You can share the site in Trading forums and discussion boards to start with and then scale it across all social media and paid marketing channels. If you put it out there, traders will love to share it with their communities – coz the app really solves a huge pain point in the market.

Running costs:

Apart from hosting, it is built using a 3rd Party solution along with OpenAI Api. Initially it would not cost more than $20/month to run, but as you consumption increases, it would be somewhere in the range of $30-100 for moderate usage and upto $300-500 for a really high traffic usage.

To give a fair idea of costs, for 200-300 answer generation it costs you about $25-30.

Tech stack:

The site is built on WordPress, rest will be shared with the buyer.

Who should buy this:

If you’re looking to make a serious play in the trading marketplace as an Affiliate marketer or Promoter – this could be one of the best options to take the lead. It’s unique, solves real world problems, fully ready to go with all apps working flawlessly and a delightful share worthy site to become the talk of the town.


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