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Premium Workouts App with 2000+ Videos, Works on all devices! + ChatGPT Powered Meal & Workout Planner + Fitness Calculators. Launch an amazing Fitness Brand.

Complete package to launch a killer Fitness Brand or Boost an existing one! Now comes with ChatGPT Powered Meal Planner and Workout Planner!!

Post Covid a huge chunk of the Workout business has shifted online, multi-billion dollar fitness brands have shifted their focus on ‘Online training’ and ‘Virtual class’ models. and there has been hundreds of new apps that have infiltrated the market.. here’s something I’m offering that will help you capitalize on this massive shift in a significant way.

Visit BlazeBodyWorkouts Website

Checkout some of the key features of the web app:

  1. Workouts – Thousands of Workout videos categories by Body parts, Trainers and Styles.
  2. Fitness Calculators – Protein intake, Water Intake, BMI and Bodyfat Calculator
  3. Ai Meal Planner – ChatGPT Powered Meal planner based on Food Preference, Age, Cuisine, Calorie goals!!
  4. Ai Workout Planner – ChatGPT Powered Workout Planner based on Fitness goals, duration and more

This is a ideal investment opportunity for a ..

  • Fitness entrepreneur
  • Fitness Influencer
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Active wear brand
  • Weight Loss Brand
  • Weight loss affiliate marketer
  • Fitness coach
  • Supplements brand/store
  • Guest Post Networks

to be able to drive unlimited Viral and Search engine traffic to their business.


Some of the Workout categories..

Apartment friendly

Beginner Friendly


Song Workout

Dance Workout

Fat Burning Workouts

Dance Workouts





Full body


Lower Abs






Kettlebell Workout

Dumbbell Workout

Isometric workout


Most similar workout apps charge $10-50/mo – while you could offer this at no cost to your audience and essentially

  • Drive free viral traffic ad crush it on social media
  • Drive search engine traffic (coz it’s a web app)
  • Build more trust, rapport and deeper connection with your followers
  • Build a stronger brand image
  • Sale more of your own products or affiliate offers
  • Stand apart from your competition

This is perfect solution to build a Fitness brand from scratch or boost an existing brand or simply promote Fitness products, supplements, apparels or equipments.

It could potentially drive hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of organic traffic and bolster any fitness venture.

You can re-brand and make this app your own and start promoting it to your existing audience or simply market it as a stand alone app and then promote your Brand, Products, Offers on the back-end.


Some Key Highlights


It is a web app which works across all Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop devices including TV flawlessly (that is why we’ve created a web version)

  • Has more videos than most workout apps in the market
  • The workouts are thoughtfully categorized by Theme, Trainer, Body Parts for a time saving and delightful experience
  • All sub-categories are further broken down into micro-categories for much deeper experience
  • All videos are randomized, so it’s fun to discover new videos and the  content always look fresh
  • Completely hands-off, runs of auto-pilot, there’s nothing to be managed once installed
  • Built on WordPress, pre-loaded with all necessary plugins – fully responsive across all devices
  • No need for people to download, the site can be access by any device online
  • All pages can be search engine optimized – so we can tap into Search traffic along with social media, unlike traditional apps.

How is this different from workout mobile apps?

While everyday people are launching new mobile apps, this web app offers a variety of advantages that a mobile app does not and that is why it is idle solution to be able to drive traffic instead of owning a mobile app for which you need to drive traffic.

Here are some of the advantages of this app over other mobile apps:

  • This requires no download, no signup, no upgrades
  • It works on all devices flawlessly including TV (which is the preference for many people)
  • You do not need to optimize it for every device type and size, as it is browser based
  • You get to have unlimited training videos from Celebrity trainers from YouTube
  • You can expand it to more categories like Nutrition, Diet, Recipes and continue to build on it simply using YouTube API and the plugins installed
  • Unlike a mobile app, the site and 1000s of it’s pages can rank on Search engine and drive significant organic traffic
  • It could be promoted on social media very easily via a link
  • It could be hosted on a sub-domain on an existing site – driving insane traffic to the site (Ideal for Apparel brand, equipment store, magazines, blogs, supplements and product review sites)
  • Unlike an app, multiple pages can be opened at the same time


There’s literally no work to be done, the site runs itself. Unless you want to add more videos and categories.


Own brand, Affiliate income, Amazon, Clickbank, Dropshipping.

Seller Notes

We would like to see it sold to an ambitious Fitness brand or entrepreneur, who would take full advantage of it.

Uniqueness: We intend to sell multiple copies as it might not be possible for one company to buy it exclusively.

Copyright and video usage: All videos are 100% legally used within the framework of YouTube API. Initially YouTube API is free, however once you start driving volume traffic – it is chargeable.



  • Domain name 
  • WordPress website
  • All necessary plugins
  • 2000+ Video Pages
  • Multiple YouTube Plugin Setup
  • Two Ai Apps
  • YouTube Data API setup
  • Ability to import 1000s of more videos
  • Chat & Email support

You can expand the collection by adding more videos easily.



Q1. How much time do I require to run it?

Ans: There’s literally no work to be done, the site runs itself. Unless you want to add more videos and categories.

Q2. Monthly cost?

Apart from hosting cost, you would need to signup to a 3rd party platform for the Ai apps that cost $30/month. Which offers approximately 50-60 runs ( generations of Meal & Workout Plans). Beyond which you’ll need to add your own OpenAi API Key.

Also the YouTube videos will incur cost beyond a point as it is using YouTube’s official Data API. They offer 10,000 credits for Free which is sufficient to support 500-1000 UV/day, but beyond a point YouTube Data API costs will add up when the site starts driving 50-100,000 Video views a month.

Q3. What about the copyright of these videos?

The videos are owned by their creators, but you’re 100% legally eligible to use them extensively via YouTube Api. All videos are being showcased using Youtube’s official Data API, there’s no legal or copyright issues is doing so. ( You can learn more here : )

We’ve been using YouTube API in over 50 of our sites and helped 50 others setup their sites on other niches, they are all free at the moment – as YouTube is building their API business and allowing a large volume of free traffic to new users. It is a great time to build YouTube content based businesses.


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